Visual Arts for Brain Health 5 April 2022

Exploring how visual arts programmes can empower people from the onset of dementia symptoms Professor Martin Orrell, Director of the Institute of Mental Health at the University of Nottingham, chairs a debate between leaders in social prescribing, culture health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on referral to visual arts programmes. The Pleasure Principle – … Read more

Proposed amendment to Health & Care Bill

It was exciting this week to hear Baroness Greengross, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia, propose our amendment 290 to the Health & Care Bill at the Committee Stage in the House of Lords on Wednesday 9 February, advancing social prescription to weekly arts, to empower people from the onset of dementia symptoms, … Read more

International Arts for Brain Health webinar

Baroness Greengross

International A.R.T.S. for Brain Health, ‘From Despair to Desire’, Tues 8 March 2022, 10 am – 12 pm In association with the International Longevity Centre and the Optimal Ageing Programme at The University of Oxford For International Social Prescribing Week, Baroness Greengross, CEO of the International Longevity Centre and Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group … Read more

VR & Live Streaming Arts for Brain Health, Tuesday 8 November, 12-2 pm GMT

D-IAGNOSIS! Arts to Preserve Wellbeing (copyright: Jane Frere for A4D)

The uplifting power of engaging with arts activity, participating, using virtual reality to enjoy superb performances or explore museums and heritage venues nurtures a sense of awe, resilience and wellbeing. Weekly access to the arts has a vital impact on people’s brain health and wellbeing. In care homes, access to the arts through digital media, … Read more

Drama for Brain Health 8 February

Acting in a way different from usual requires the brain to respond to a novel set of stimuli, causing new neutrons to develop and adapt, giving drama protective qualities against cognitive decline. Creating and enacting scenarios with a drama group, in allowing individuals to improvise and develop significant or amusing experiences together, can act as … Read more

Music for Brain Health, Tues 11 January, 10-11 am

Katie Derham

The uplifting power of making music, singing, learning, playing an instrument, dancing, performing together nurtures our resilience in the community. Whatever the genre – classical, rock, pop, community choir, orchestra or band – music has a vital role to play to help preserve brain health. With Sir Muir Gray as co-host and the BBC broadcaster … Read more