Drama for Brain Health 8 February

Acting in a way different from usual requires the brain to respond to a novel set of stimuli, causing new neutrons to develop and adapt, giving drama protective qualities against cognitive decline.

Creating and enacting scenarios with a drama group, in allowing individuals to improvise and develop significant or amusing experiences together, can act as a medium to alleviate depression, which may be a symptom when undergoing assessment for a potential dementia. As Sir Richard Eyre, the director and patron of Arts 4 Dementia, advises continuing the discipline of learning lines. “There’s no better way of exercising the brain.” Whatever the genre – classical, rock, pop, community choir, orchestra or band – music has a vital role to play to help preserve brain health.

If you work in the drama for health sector, are responsible for drama programmes or research, or are a social prescriber or for anyone interested in drama for brain health, join us for this free webinar on Tuesday 8 February 2022 at 10-11 am.

CHAIR: Dr Peter Bagshawe GP


The webinar series is produced in partnership with Sir Muir Gray of the Optimal Ageing Programme at the University of Oxford and with Arts 4 Dementia.