Music for Brain Health, Tues 11 January, 10-11 am

The uplifting power of making music, singing, learning, playing an instrument, dancing, performing together nurtures our resilience in the community.

Whatever the genre – classical, rock, pop, community choir, orchestra or band – music has a vital role to play to help preserve brain health. With Sir Muir Gray as co-host and the BBC broadcaster Katie Derham chairing the debate, a clinical neuropsychologist from Spain explains the impact of music and social singing on the brain, Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca, founder of the social prescribing student champion scheme, outlines the value of involving medical as well as music students in music programmes for brain health and the need for culture change to preserve brain health, Phil Hallett discusses the broad range of music for brain health offered by the Coda Music Trust, Grace Meadows shares Music for Dementia’s vision for the Power of Music scheme the government is about to implement. Victoria Hume, Director of the Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance explains how musicians and music organisations can liaise with social prescribers to spread awareness of their offer, the need for this government investment and examples of place-based partnerships responding to local needs. Sian Brand, Co-hair of the National Social Prescribing Network, explains the role of surgery-based link workers and their networks in linking people with music programmes to meet their social and health needs.

CHAIR: BBC broadcaster Katie Derham


The webinar series is produced by Veronicarts in partnership with Sir Muir Gray of the Optimal Ageing Programme at the University of Oxford and with Arts 4 Dementia.