Global Social Prescribing: Arts for Brain Health, Tuesday 6 December 2022

In partnership with the Global Social Prescribing Alliance

The uplifting power of cultural and creative activity nurtures our resilience in the community.

Social prescribing to creative, cultural and social activity in the natural environment revitalises and empowers to individuals and their loved ones to combat loneliness, pain and fear and to preserve their brain health, nurturing their sense of identity, of belonging and resilience for years longer.

Michael Dooley, Treasurer of the College of Medicine and of the Global Social Prescribing Network, chairs a debate between international leaders in social prescribing on the pathway in each nation, on student champion schemes to instil arts prescribing into practice for brain health for students at the outset of their careers and cross sector partnership funding models for sustainability

If you are involved or interested in developing social prescribing, working in the field of creative health, to inspire older adults to override mild cognitive impairment, or are responsible for culture, health and wellbeing, or are a social prescriber or for anyone interested in culture and creativity to preserve for brain health, join us for this free webinar:

AGENDA Global Social Prescribing – Arts for Brain Health webinar, Tuesday 6 December 2022, 2 – 5 pm GMT


2 pm Veronica Franklin Gould, President, Arts 4 Dementia, introduces messages from

CHAIR Michael Dooley, Treasurer, The College of Medicine

  • James Sanderson, Director of Community Health and Personalised Care at NHS England and NHS Improvement (on introduction of SPLW as patients’ direct pathway from GP, via SPLW to empowering choice of A.R.T.S. prescription.
  • Dr Daisy Fancourt, Director, World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Arts and Health.

2.40 pm GLOBAL SOCIAL PRESCRIBING, chair: Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca

  • Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca, GSPA Development lead and founder of the Global Social Prescribing Champion scheme. Medical/neuroscience/social care and arts students interacting with participants for lived experience of arts for brain health.
  • Hamaad Khan, Social prescribing development in 23 countries, advances and barriers.
  • Ronald BennettA4D drama participant and Veronica Franklin Gould, A4D Arts prescription for Brain Health workshop model.


  • AUSTRALIA Sian Slade, Melbourne School of Population Health, Australia.
  • SINGAPORE Professor Kheng Hock Lee, Director, Office of Community Engagement & Education (OCEAN), SingHealth Community Hospitals, Singapore.
  • PORTUGAL Professor Sonia Dias, Coordinator of Public Health Research Centre at NOVA National School of Public Health. Professor at NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal and Dr Maria Marques.

3.30 pm ARTS ON PRESCRIPTION PATHWAY, chair Alexandra Coulter, Director, National Centre for Creative Health. Advances and barriers, champion involvement, arts prescription funding.

4 pm FUNDING SUSTAINABLE ARTS PRESCRIPTION PROGRAMMES, chair, Tim Anfilogoff, Head of Community Resilience for Herts Valley CCG; NHS Social Prescribing Network Steering Group Member

4.50 Sir Muir Gray, Happy Brainability Christmas!

Veronica, A4D, thanks, Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca, CLOSE

The webinar series is produced in partnership with Sir Muir Gray of the Optimal Ageing Programme at the University of Oxford and with Arts 4 Dementia.