Disability Arts for Brain Health, Tuesday 4 October 2022

The uplifting power of cultural and creative activity nurtures our resilience in the community.

Engaging in re-energising social activity from the onset of a potential dementia empowers individuals and their loved ones to preserve their brain health, combat isolating fears and nurtures sense of identity, of belonging and resilience for years longer.

Kamran Mallick, Chief Executive of Disability Rights UK sends message from hospital. Dr Rashmi Becker MBE, Founder, Step Change Studios chairs a debate between leaders in social prescribing and a range of arts for people living with visual impairments, deafness, physical disabilities and those experiencing early symptoms of a dementia.

If you are involved or interested in innovative ways of using arts for the disabled and brain health, or are responsible for culture, health and wellbeing, or are a social prescriber or for anyone interested in culture and creativity to preserve for brain health, you are warmly welcome to access the recording and transcript from our Disability Arts for Brain Health webinar on Tuesday 4 October 2022 at 2-4 pm BST.

Disability Arts for Brain Health, Tuesday 4 October 2022, 2 – 4 pm BST, with BSL interpreters.



The webinar series is produced in partnership with Sir Muir Gray, Director of the Optimal Ageing Programme at the University of Oxford and with Arts 4 Dementia.